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How To Develop a Security Program Training

Do you have an updated set of Security Policies?
Every organization should and are often required too have an organizational Information Security Policy. This training walks you through how to develop a NIST CSF policy set with downloadable word docs.

IT Standard Configuration Guidelines

Customize configuration to your environment
Establish a standard guideline for the configuration of all your IT assets/infrastructure to ensure proper security and input from appropriate parties.

Risk - Vulnerability - Incident Response Program Guides

The key strategies needed to drive secure practices
Departmental security procedures provide actionable security measures within departmental workflows. 

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​Downloadable Tools + Resources

Show Expertise and Value
Use the available tools and resources to wow your clients and streamline your consulting processes.  

What Is The Cyber Security Consultants Network?

Gain instant access to our online cyber security community and numerous tools and resources you can download and use today in your cyber security initiatives. Our online training will show you how to develop a security program for an organization with our policy and procedure templates, and program security guides which are Microsoft Office-based documentation templates that you can edit for your specific needs. If you can use Microsoft Office or OpenOffice, you can use this product! 

Ensuring you are establishing the pillars of your cyber security program with information security policies and departmental procedures. Managing risk by implementing a risk management program, managing vulnerabilities by creating secure processes and conducting an annual vulnerability assessment. Ensure you are ready for potential incidents that could occur by defining roles and responsibilities within your Incident Response Program. 
  • Cyber Security Program Development Courseware
  • ​NIST Cyber Security Policy + Procedure Templates
  • ​Risk – Vulnerability – Incident Program Management Guides
  • ​Cyber Awareness Reading Materials
  • ​Operational Policy Templates (Teleworking – Sanctions – Acceptable Use)
  • ​Downloadable Security Tools + Resources

Why is There High Demand For IT Security Consultants

  • Lack of In House Security Experience - Writing security documentation is a skill that many good cybersecurity professionals simple are not proficient at and avoid the task at all cost. Tasking your security analysts and engineers to write comprehensive documentation means you are actively taking them away from protecting and defending your network, which is not a wise use of their time. The ISP is an efficient method to obtain comprehensive NIST CSF based security policies and standards for your organization!
  • Compliance Requirements - Nearly every organization, regardless of industry, is required to have formally-documented security policies and standards. The NIST CSF ISP is designed for smaller organizations and focuses on leading security frameworks to address reasonably-expected security requirements. The ISP maps to several leading compliance requirements so you can clearly see what is required!
  • Audit Failures - Security documentation does not age gracefully like a fine wine. Outdated documentation leads to gaps that expose organizations to audit failures and system compromises. The ISP's standards provides mapping to leading security frameworks to show you exactly what is required to both stay secure and compliant.  
  • ​Vendor Requirements - It is very common for clients and partners to request evidence of a security program and this includes policies and standards. The ISP provides this evidence!

How Does The Consultants Network Solve It

  •  Real World Training - The Consultants Network provides industry training for professionals looking to advance their knowledge in the IT Security field. IT Security Consultants conduct security risk assessments, develop security programs, and offer security solutions to their clients. 
  • ​Clear Documentation - The ISP provides comprehensive documentation to prove that your security program exists. This equates to a time saving of hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars in staff and consultant expenses!
  • Time Savings - The ISP can provide your organization with a semi-customized solution that requires minimal resources to fine tune for your organization's specific needs. 
  • Alignment With Leading Practices - The NIST-based ISP is written to align your organization with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework! 
CyberSecurityResource provides businesses with exactly what they need to protect themselves - professionally written policies, procedures, standards and guidelines at a very affordable cost. Similar documentation standards can be found in Fortune 500 company that have dedicated IT Security staff. All information security policies and standards are backed up by documented best practices. 

NIST Cybersecurity Framework (NIST CSF) Cybersecurity Policies & Standards

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF)-based Information Security Program (ISP) is a set of cybersecurity policies and standards that is tailored for organizations that need to align with leading cybersecurity practices.

This version of the Information Security Program (ISP) is based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) framework. It contains cybersecurity policies and standards that align with NIST CSF. You get fully-editable Microsoft Word and Excel documents that you can customize for your specific needs.

Cost Savings Estimate - Information Security Program (ISP)
When organizations look at the costs associated with either (1) hiring an external consultant to write cybersecurity documentation for you or (2) tasking your internal staff to write it, the cost comparisons paint a clear picture that hiring a Cyber Security Consultant is the logical option.

When hiring a consultant, you can save months of wait time and tens of thousands of dollars. Whereas, compared to writing your own documentation, you can potentially spend hundreds of work hours and the associated cost of lost productivity. 

Joining the Consultants Network from CyberSecurityResource offers fundamental advantages when compared to the other options for obtaining quality cybersecurity documentation and training that will allow you to start making the money you want as a highly paid IT Security Consultant. 
  • ​For your internal staff to generate comparable documentation, it would take them an estimated 240 internal staff work hours, which equates to a cost of approximately $18,000 in staff-related expenses. This is about 3-6 months of development time where your staff would be diverted from other work.
  • ​If you hire a consultant to generate this documentation, it would take them an estimated 140 consultant work hours, which equates to a cost of approximately $42,000. This is about 2-3 months of development time for a contractor to provide you with the deliverable.

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